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Hiking on Beeches Mountain, Quadra Island BC

Quadra Island Tourism CTO - Current Promotions

Each year with funding from our Community Tourism Opportunties partnerships Q.I.T. embarks on a variety of marketing initiatives promoting Quadra Island as a tourism destination.

2016 Promotions Support

Our community and business' marketing dollars go further when we all collaborate to present a consistent message and destination brand image.

You and your business can support our collective efforts by including slogans, associated graphics, social media hashtags and photographs in your own marketing during 2016.

Don't forget to gather feedback from your guests and early inquiries. We'll be looking for any up-tick in inquiries and visits from Vancouver Island communities throughout the year and especially in the spring. More information about gathering and passing on inquiry information>

DRIVING THEME: the message underpinning all of our destination marketing is that Quadra Island is a year-round vacation destination that offers something of everything that is best about British Columbia's west coast.

SLOGANS: In 2016 we are using two slogans in different ways.
"Get the most from your coast" will be featured in our print, newspaper and magazine advertising.
"It's time to... visit Quadra Island" will headline our 4x9 rack card

HASHTAGS: To link our social media content and provide a thread for our visitors and supporters to engage with the community we are promoting the hashtags #myquadraisland, #quadraisland, #quadrarocks for Twitter, Instagram posts etc..

For more information on our social media presence and campaigns click here>

Our call to action for the spring '16 campaign is





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These images are made freely available for use in conjunction with Quadra Island Tourism. Please do not remove the QIT logo. For high resolution print-ready versions or other images, please contact Quadra Island Tourism's graphics team by email:
Fees for usage of other images may apply.

Find more photographs in the QIT Photo Gallery>

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