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Quadra Island Tourism is proudly supported by the Discovery Islands Chamber of Commerce
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Quadra Island Tourism CTO Current Projects

For the past 8 years Quadra Island Tourism has successfully applied for matching funds from Destination BC under the Community Tourism Opportunities program. Here are details of this year's initatives with information on how your business can support and participate in the initiatives.

Community Tourism Opportunities • 2015-2016

Project Plans

Quadra Island Tourism is excited to be embarking on Year 7 of the ‘Community Tourism Opportunities’ Marketing Program in co-operation with Destination BC.

This year’s CTO projects included the following initiatives:

• Attendance at Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show: Partnering with CIBATA, QIT will attend the 2016 Outdoor Adventure & Travel consumer show in Vancouver. Participation will involve working with Cortes Island Tourism Association to present a regional Discovery Islands destination.

• Re-Publish Quadra Island Rack Card: Reprint 30,000 of our QIT 4x9 rack cards as a lure piece for distribution on the main BC Ferries runs between the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

• Renew Billboard Advertising in Campbell River: Maintain and resite our billboard in Campbellton, directed at both local Vancouver Island traffic and travelling ‘rubber-tire’ tourists.

• Newspaper & Magazine Advertising: Scheduled for the spring shoulder season 2016, run a newspaper advertising campaign in the Western Communities adjacent to Victoria along with several Vancouver Island 'lifestyle' magazines.

• New Social Media Engagement: In 2016 we will initiate two parallel social media campaigns to engage our visitors and help foster a sense of connection with the Quadra Island community. Both will focus on Instagram with supporting presence on FaceBook and Twitter.

• #myquadraisland - encourages locals, visitors and anyone with an interest or connection to Quadra to share their photographs & videos with accompanying captions/stories with the hashtag myquadraisland. Additional hashtags circulating and encouraged include: #myquadra, #quadraisland, #quadrarocks

• #peopleofquadra - a photographic portrayal of Quadra Islanders engaged in their jobs, community work or other situation they're known for. This campaign will be actively moved forward with contributions linked by #peopleofquadra

MEASURING RESULTS As with all marketing investments it is vital to measure the success of each campaihn and Quadra Island Tourism is committed through its agreements with DestinationBC to compile reports on each project's effectiveness.
Your help in assessing the effectiveness of the current promotions is invaluable find out how you can collect information to support the Quadra Island CTO click here>


Find graphics and support to implement Quadra Island branding with your marketing efforts click here>
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for the current 'Shift Change' promotion click here>


As with each phase of the Community Tourism Opportunities program our work is made possible through funding from Destination BC (formerly Tourism BC). As part of our agreement Quadra Island Tourism must provide matching funds and these are generously provided by the Strathcona Regional District and the Discovery Islands Chamber of Commerce.

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