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Value of Tourism on Quadra Island, BC - Report

Executive Summary
Quadra Island’s Value of Tourism is now complete. The study used Tourism BC’s Value of Tourism model to survey the region’s commercial accommodation sector. The questionnaire gathered data from accommodation businesses which were asked to provide a snapshot of their 2008 performance data. Tourism BC Research & Planning then quantified the data and applied local indicators to generate an estimate of the visitor volume and direct expenditures on tourism in Quadra Island.

Overall results found that a total of 84,800 people visited Quadra Island in the study period, 2008. 37,800 visitors stayed in commercial accommodation during the study period, an additional 6,800 people spent time visiting friends and relatives, with an additional 40,200 people passing through the community as day visitors. (See #7, Limitations) Based on the total visitation and factoring in average length of stay and average total spend per visitor per trip, the “Annual Direct Visitor Expenditures” in Quadra Island is $12,380,000. As well, a seasonal analysis shows the variation in visitors from summer season to shoulder season and low season (Appendix 1).

Quantifying the number of visitors staying at marinas was not possible and thus was not included in this analysis.

The Value of Tourism expenditure results are significant because they quantify what has long been an unknown for Quadra Island. A survey of this type has never been
conducted before in this community. The Visitor’s Info Centre is beginning to keep
annual statistics, but that is a relatively new initiative. This new information provides a basis to support the significance of tourism planning, development and marketing for Quadra Island. The information will complement the Community Tourism Foundations report. The statistics can also be useful to the private sector investor and all levels of government to make future decisions about tourism for their jurisdictions individually, collectively and in the broader scope of the Discovery Islands jurisdiction.

We gratefully acknowledge that this project was fully funded by the Discovery Islands Chamber of Commerce. Susan Wilson of Smart Move! services administered the project. Tourism BC provided the model for which to run the analysis for this report.

Contribution of Tourism to Quadra Island
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Complete report: Quadra Island Value of Tourism Study August  2009 PDF






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