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Press Coverage of Quadra Island

Quadra Island Rock Climbing in Wild Coast Magazine

The New Faces of Quadra Island

"Where do you think you're going?"my buddy Greg asks with enough firmness to sound as much like a challenge as a logistical query. "We're not finished yet".

Twice we had each tried, or more accurately, struggled, to climb the series of small, clean roofs above us. The evening was getting late but maybe third time would be a charm...

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WestJet Magazine

Three Days on Quadra Island

When it comes to outdoor adventures and off-the-beaten-track charm Quadra Island scores a perfect 10....

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Arc'teryx - #DefineFeminine contest

Week-Long Trip to Quadra Island

Arc’teryx’s #defineFeminine contest had over 1,200 nominations and after some careful consideration, they chose four women for a trip to Quadra Island.

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Calgary Herald: Duelling coasts:

Five fabulous harbours will have you loving all of Canada

“Psst! Wanna buy a fish?” The peaceful dock at Quadra Island, B.C., was the last place I expected to be approached by a malnourished fish dealer with a nicotine habit. When he sidled up to me, the word “fish” was about the last thing I would have expected to hear. All kinds of questions sprang to mind. What kind of a fish? Was it legal? If so, why the shady inquiry? If not, did I look like I needed an illegal fish? By the time I decided to ask, he had vanished.

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Discovery Islands Featured by National Geographic

Quadra and the Discovery Islands have been included by National Geographic in a list of 'Canada's Places of a Lifetime'

Author Jackie Middleton writes:
Meet British Columbia’s best kept secret. Tucked between Vancouver Island and the mainland, and unreachable by car or foot, this untamed set of ten islands demands to be explored by kayak. Explains Carol Perry, owner of Perrywinkle Cottage on Quadra Island: "The Discovery Islands are everything you imagine the west coast of Canada to be: endless ocean, lush fragrant forests, driftwood-strewn beaches, and ever changing sunset colors with majestic mountains as their backdrop."

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VALUE OF TOURISM to Quadra Island

You may have asked yourself, what does tourism bring to Quadra Island, besides longer ferry line-ups in the summer, and unfamiliar faces in the grocery store line-up?  In an attempt to answer that question from an economic viewpoint, a survey was conducted this summer of accommodation providers on the island.

The study used Tourism BC’s “Value of Tourism” model to survey the region’s commercial accommodation sector.  This included resorts, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, campgrounds / RV parks, but not marinas. The questionnaire gathered data from accommodation businesses which were asked to provide a snapshot of their 2008 performance data. Tourism BC Research & Planning then quantified the data and applied local indicators to generate an estimate of the visitor volume and direct expenditures in tourism on Quadra Island. 

Overall results found that a total of 84,800 people visited Quadra Island in the study period, 2008. 37,800 visitors stayed in commercial accommodation, an additional 6,800 people spent time visiting friends and relatives, with an additional 40,200 people passing through the community as day visitors. Based on the total visitation and factoring in average length of stay and average total spent per visitor per trip, the “Annual Direct Visitor Expenditures” on Quadra Island was $12,380,000.

Walcan is the largest year-round employer on Quadra Island; however the tourism industry employs the highest number of people on a seasonal basis. The tourism industry provides direct employment for staff at various resorts, accommodation providers, tour providers, and restaurants. As well, visitors access the goods and services of groups such as artists and healing arts practitioners. Lastly, visitors use and support other businesses such as vehicle repair shops, the gas station, bookstore, and grocery stores.

The results of this survey confirm that tourism is a big contributor to the local island economy.  With diminishing employment options in the area, tourism presents an opportunity to share our island with visitors who appreciate the natural beauty and friendliness of our community, while providing income for many local residents.  

The project was initiated by the Discovery Islands Chamber of Commerce, while Tourism BC provided the analysis model for this report.

The Discovery Islands Chamber of Commerce would like to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to the folks who took time out of their busy season to complete the survey.

A summary and the complete report is available here.






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